> Cheryl Rhoads & Friends Photo Archives

CFR 1983
CFR as Dolly Scupp
Jennifer Girard publicty photo of CFR
1980s: Chicago publicity photo
CFR Publicity photo about 1980
Cheryl Rhoads head shot
1983 & 1984: The Fine Line Comedy Revue
The Fine Line Popcorn
1985: Cheryl Meets Steve Allen
Cheryl and Lisa Rhoads in 2004
Cheryl Rhoads Head Shot about 1995
Cheryl as Sister Sarah in Guys and Dolls
Cheryl and Mayor Tom Bradley
Cheryl and Fran Allison
Cheryl Rhoads siblings
George Carlin and Cheryl about 1989
Cheryl Rhoads and Hal Smith
Cheryl Rhoads and Pat Boone
The Los Angeles Years
Cheryl and Alex Rocco
1993: Cheryl with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Cheryl Rhoads Activities in LA
2007 CFR School Adult Students Class
2007 Winter CFR kids class picture
CFR with kids in LA
CFR students in Los Angeles in the middle 1990s
1988: "Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle the Show is About to Start"
1988: Cheryl Rhoads and Daws Butler
1988: Cheryl and Jonathan Winters
Robert DuVall and Cheryl
Saint Patrick's Day 1983
Flowers in LA
Beverly Sills Cop
Maria Jones and Cheryl
Cheryl and Bessie
Cheryl with her family in 1991
LTHS Alumni Dinner 1988
Julie, Jennifer, and Cheryl
Cheryl as Fraulein Schneider
Cheryl in Cabaret
The Mouse Trap
Sid Ceasar
Cheryl and Betty White
Olympic Torch Relay in 1996
Annie Potts and Cheryl Rhoads
Cheryl Rhoads at White House 1988
Josephine Forsberg & Cheryl Rhoads
Cheryl Rhoads, Virginia Tucker, Gary Sinise in 2011
Cheryl with 2011 Kids Class Students