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Claire DeLancey

Claire DeLancey

Claire DeLancey has been studying with Cheryl Felicia Rhoads since July 2018. Claire has performed in numerous productions in elementary and middle school as well as with Miss Cheryl. She is excited about upcoming high-school opportunities.

Some of her acting highlights include:
Annie Jr. - played Tess (Elementary School)
Shuddersome, Tales of Poe - played Silverbell and a Shudder (Middle School)
Annie - played Pepper (Middle School)
Mary Poppins - played Mrs. Banks (Elementary School)
Original production: Help Desk, played IT HelpDesk worker (Middle School)
Original production: The Show Must Go Online

Claire has taken part in several short films - recently as the role of a heavenly angel in short film "SUCH A GOOD BOY." She also played an angel in the short film: "AT WORK: THE CONVERSATION". She portrayed Princess Diana as a young girl in "Cheryl Felicia Rhoads Presents Famous Characters in History" show on Fairfax Cable.

Claire plays high-school and travel volleyball and loves to sing and perform.

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